Dana 21.10.2023. u 44-oj godini, preminuo je osnivač Centra Imago, Slobodan Nikolić.

Sahrana će se obaviti u 13 časova, 24.10.2023. na Novom groblju u Pančevu.


Saopštenje od Logosynthesis asocijacije:

Dear all,

Today is a sad day for our community – Our colleague Slobodan Nikolić passed away.

His professional career started in Serbian Navy, after graduating from Naval Academy, where he got a diploma for his pioneering work about consequences of combat stress in naval operations. After he left the Navy he followed his interests toward Depth Psychology and Dream Analysis. As a result he got a Diploma in Dream Analysis from the most competent Serbian psychotherapists in this field, Dr Ivan Nastović. He continued his education constantly and he also got Diploma in 2017 from renowned The Delaney & Flowers Dream and Consultation Center. He founded first Serbian Center for Depth Psychological Research of Dreams IMAGO. He successfully gave consultations in dream analysis both for individuals and for groups.

In 2018, he completed the course on neuropsychology: What is a Mind?, led by Dr. Mark Solms. He translated into Serbian the book Brain and Inner World, by Mark Solms and Oliver Turnbull, which is the first edition of a work on neuropsychoanalysis in this region.

In 2021, he became the first certified psychotherapist of the Logosynthesis in Serbia, with the title of Logosynthesis practitioner. He was its main promoter and key figure. During the corona virus pandemic, he translated protocols. He selflessly shared his wealth of knowledge with his colleagues.

At the same time he was interested in the psychology of market and buyers, especially for market research methods such as Mystery Shopping, Net Promoter Score, etc. He successfully manages research projects for leading national and international companies.

He continuously improved, and in his work he used techniques of body psychotherapy, transactional analysis, gestalt, methods of deep relaxation – autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. He was a regular participant in the Congress of Psychotherapists of Serbia. He was in his third year of training as an integrative psychotherapist at the Serbian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

Poetry and prose that he wrote have been translated and awarded.

He loved music, books and films.

All who knew him greatly appreciated, loved and will love him forever.


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